Monday, July 14, 2008

Maddie's Drawing

Maddie is almost four and a half now. She understands the idea that there is a new baby in Mama's tummy and that when it gets big enough, it will come out. When asked where babies come from, her usual reply is "Tummies and uteruses and birth canals."

I know this. But I was still somehow unprepared to get this drawing today of "Mama with the new baby commin' out."


Holly said...

what a beautiful drawing!!! =D

Angela said...

How very lovely--it brought teard to my eyes.

Raggy Rat said...

oh thats great
cat xxx vbac'd 2nd may xxx

Mitchell Clan said...

Adorable Lexi. And hey, your baby isn't breech! :) That's the best ultrasound I've ever seen! :)

Give her hugs and kisses from me!

TanyaBee said...

I LOVE this! I hope you frame it and hang it in your home, it is beautiful! ;) Thanks for sharing it with the ICAN list!

Anonymous said...

omg that is so cute... See maddie knows that you can do it and since she is her daddies girl the picture will be very accurate you will have a smile on your face