Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A conversation with Maddie

A few days ago, Maddie and I were cleaning her room. She found her little knitted "ooterush" (uterus. I had made a few of the uteruses for the conference. I gave Maddie the first one I made because she liked it so much.)

Maddie- "Mine uterus not have a ribbon and band-aid."

Me- "No, honey, your uterus doesn't have a ribbon or band-aid."

Maddie- "Mine uterus need a band-aid?"

Me, tears in my eyes- "No, honey, your uterus doesn't need a band-aid. Your uterus is healthy and strong."

Maddie- "Mine uterus not have owies?"

Me- "No, your uterus doesn't have owies."

Maddie- "Momma's uterus have owies?" -me nodding through the tears now- "I sorry Momma. Need a kiss?" -kisses my belly- "I love mine Mommy."

Me, down on my knees hugging her- "Mommy loves you too, so very, very much."

It was heartbreaking.


Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful and something to remember too. Our conversations with our children, especially girls I think, are sometimes so difficult and yet so important. {{{hugs}}}

Also, I forgot to ask you if you mind if I share (via google reader) and/or email on any of your postings that you do here?

Lexi said...

Please. Anything I post here is because I want to share. If you want to link, or tell your friends, or whatever, please do!

labortrials said...

Lexi, that is so super sweet. Do you have a "pattern" for the uterus to share? That sounds like a neat project.

Lexi said...

It isn't my pattern. I got it here: