Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where I Am- October 17, 2007

So where am I now? Mostly, I'm just being a wife and mother. I'm taking care of my kids and watching them grow up both entirely too fast and, at times, not fast enough. I love them immensely.

When Emily was about a month old, I became a chapter leader for ICAN. I started ICAN of Kenosha, and the chapter has been struggling to get out to the people who need us. Yesterday, though, we had our first really successful meeting! The topic was vaginal breech birth, and we had a speaker and a video. Seven people came, including a couple pregnant with their first child, who is breech at 36 weeks. They drove nearly two hours just to come to this meeting! They were already pretty determined to avoid a cesarean, but I think the meeting cemented their decision. I really hope to have a lovely birth story from them soon.

I'm also finding myself drawn to midwifery again. I have two classes left to get my associates degree in college. I plan to finish those next semester, then enroll in Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. I don't feel that I am quite ready to take on an apprenticeship, with being called out in the middle of the night, at all hours, with no warning. Chris's job coupled with how young my babies are make it really impractical. But I can go to school and start my academic training. At least it will feel like I'm taking steps toward my goal. I can't wait to get started.

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